Thursday, December 20, 2012


Depressed to know there are quite a few PETER MAX paint forgeries around. Since I like the artwork, I will stick to old prints and memorabilia though. I still have the idea of installing an exhibition eventually.

I believe my 40 x 40 inches LADY LIBERTY featured in this image with the Artist is not a forgery

Now I also found out that Certificate of origin did not exist until late Seventies, and that what counts is PROVENANCE, or plainly said: where was the piece purchased and the sales Invoice granted,  although with some PETER MAX items , this seems to  be a bit difficult to asses. I did purchase many Paintings from a MAX certified store and yet, I allegedly  have some inexplicable issues with them. 
So, I'll stick to old prints and Memorabilia. If anyone has had some kind of problems with their canvases, please contact me.