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and other mutations from the great American Master

Image by Ed Gugliotta, July 1972, New York Studio  

This site is dedicated to Pop art and Neo-expressionism, especially heavy on Peter Max "nostalgia" art. Here you will find plenty information on this  living American Art Icon, plus rare objects, books, posters, magazines, original serigraphs and unique items  very difficult to find. It's for my personal entertainment and for  visitors who enjoy Pop art. Welcome!

Buy American art from reliable sources and demand your original certificates and Provenance from certified galleries, especially in case of acquiring original canvases. We purchase pre-1980 PETER MAX serigraphs and lithographs.


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

BREAK THRU, the 1970 serigraph and American Apparel items

I was lucky enough to find this exquisite and perfect serigraph called BREAK THRU, it's a 1970 tiny 3 x 9 inches very colorful piece, quite unique

And, some bizarre apparel items for the NEOMAX 2014 collection. Peter franchise the brand in the Eighties, and you will find some items in this website. This new collection was given to the Young Apparel company AMERICAN APPAREL.



Sunday, January 5, 2014


Originally posted on 2010

     June 1972, I was 22 years old and visiting New York, Mr. Max was already pretty famous, especially after his LOVE and COSMIC RUNNER collections and thousand of fantastic posters that decorated more than one home and office wall. I was a pseudo-hippie who admired his work and even tried to copy his ideas in my aficionado drawings, so I decided that I had to meet him, not an easy task for a youngster from Italy living in South America. I moved some contacts in the magazine industry in my home city, and voila!, I got the assignment as the graphic reporter for a low budget magazine  (I was an amateur Photographer by then). I took all my money savings and planned a trip to New York with a close friend. Once there, I made some phone calls, which were promptly replied and to my surprise and rejoice, next day after my arrival to the Big Apple,  I found myself in his downtown NY three floors studio, sitting down in his private office and chit-chatting with him about I cannot remember what, but surely related to some cosmic world or the beauty of Karmic aura. 

(image i took on July 1972  enhanced with Photoshop and signed by PM in Miami, on May 2010)

     He was lying down comfortably under the protection of a RUNNER IN RED. 35 years of age on October 1972,   and yet his spirit was the quintessence of that revolutionary era that changed the world, he was so very cool and spiritual that I was marked by this for a long time. I had my Nikon F2 with the mandatory 105mm portrait lens and a pushed 800 ASA Kodak film for larger grain, but now in retrospective, I wish I had an Ektachrome slide film roll on it, so  I took some images, that I finally found after 38 long years. Funny thing? I never made this interview nor the images known until 2011.

(RUNNER IN RED done in 1969. The image I took  was in black and white, I copy-pasted it in color for a dramatic effect).

     For those who do not believe in destiny... here comes the good part of this story: I am having my usual morning coffee reading the Miami Herald, and to my surprise I read some kind of info-ad mentioning that Mr. Max would be present at a Meet and Greet event in  a Coconut Grove Gallery, so I decided it was only fair that I let Peter have copies of the old New York visit images as a gift.  I have no doubt that he is the last of the relevant POP artists around and he will be for a while since he has a healthy life and a peaceful attitude, so it would be a great honor for me to deliver my prints. I even intervened one of them with PS, and I added some very spiffy toned down colors.

     May 15th, 2010 Location: MAX AT THE GROVE, south Miami, time: 8:00 P.M.  My wife  and I arrive at the meet the artist  presentation of PM, and the tiny space was filled with his art, most of his work were represented there in one way or another, be it canvas, mixed media and acrylic, lithographs, or simple prints along with some objects such as a Mexican Fender Guitar, a 1994 World Cup soccer statuette, and Football helmets. It was quite crowded yet comfortable to roam around detailing the art pieces.

     Peter was sitting next to a table talking with other gentlemen, but I managed to catch his attention and had the chance to have a brief conversation and  hand him the New York images. He was startled, immediately passing them around to all his business associates and nearby friends, then very humbly asked me "Are these for me?". I was amazed, perhaps waiting some arrogant and detached remark, but I was pleased by giving him the two somewhat destroyed pictures, almost sure that his work force had many experts in retouching them, plus I included some additional personally reconstructed sets I made for him. He was so very gracious, gave me his personal card and told his assistant to remind him to have a souvenir sent to me to Miami. I had the audacity of asking him to sign one of the copies of the pictures I took, and he very graciously accepted. What a souvenir for my collection!

Oh, I cannot forget to add that we bought a huge 48 x 48 ins." Liberty Head" original  canvas that night, and he scribbled it with marker behind on the back.

Purchase only PETER MAX mixed media and canvases with the Artist present and request for his signature on the back of the piece. There are multiple forgeries even originated (Provenance) at galleries that once could have been validated by the MAX studio.

The Max Collector  -  images copyright of Ed Gugliotta

The BOOMER mag

REMEMBER this one on Sep 1969?

And after 44 years

 The December Boomer mag.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


After a long delay, PETER has managed to publish his latest book "The Universe of PETER MAX", and I believe the only one in 11 years after the Big Book.

It's full of excellent images, not very good quality prints, and the usual history and quotes by the artist, which basically refreshes the memory of many who knows it by heart, and perhaps some young inquisitive mind (pretty scarce lately!).

All in all it's OK, and pretty much proves that besides the new marketing Branding by the Studio, PETER is the heart and soul of the Sixties and Seventies.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Marilyn, Max and other 2013 considerations

Adam and Libra, Peter´s children are doing a great job revamping the studio and piggy backing on his name. It´s logical and practical. Now Peter can take a break and let them use the Warhol Foundation model. So there will be Peter max for at least another generation. Whoever has original canvases pre-2011, has the real deal... cherish them.

The Marilyn Collection

From their web site:

"The Foundation has used its ownership of the copyright to Warhol images as an opportunity to craft creative and responsible licensing policies that are friendly to scholars and artists wishing to use Warhol images for educational and creative purposes, and profitable to the Foundation when the images are used for commercial purposes. Revenues from licensing agreements add significantly to those earned through the continued sale of work from the Foundation’s remaining art collection, enabling the Foundation to build the endowment from which it makes cash grants to arts organizations around the country."

Fortunately, PETER MAX is still alive but probably at 75 years of age cannot sustain the prolific production of his early career. His children have boarded the Max Studio company in New York sometimes in the last 2 years, and with Peter's consent and signature, are probably doing creative projects such as the Marylin and others. This obviously leads to a basic confounding question , who is doing the hand painted canvases or the Mixed media at such a fast production pace? 

To assure Provenance I suggest that MAX's items, especially expensive canvases, should be purchased in the presence of Peter himself  (photo with him mandatory!) to prevent obtaining counterfeited and illegal copies. Not even authorized art galleries sometimes can guarantee the source of MAX's artwork and the original production of the piece, unless he's present and an image with the Artist and the artwork is accompanied,  or a written validation of the Serial Number obtained DIRECTLY from the main office in New York, sometimes known as the Atelier or PETER MAX Studio . Certificates and invoices can be easily forged, therefore a direct response form Peter's office is recommended. Every important piece has a serial number in the back, and it must match the exact image on file. I have personal experience to share, you can send me an e-mail at


Saturday, October 5, 2013

My good friend Frank Llamozas gave me this uncommon PETER MAX collectible item. A giant matches booklet (Used) from the NIRVANA restaurant in New York, circa 1970. Already out of service, was located on the Rooftop of 30 Central Park South. I am sure Peter was a frequent guest at that location.

 Location across Central Park, New York.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I don't think PETER is doing any more artworks personally, but his studio is doing a great job under his (or his heirs) supervision, a bit like the Andy Warhol's Foundation.

This is The HILTON HEAD Magazine, September 2013 issue:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This is a pretty uncommon object: a Metal alloy buckle belt made circa 1970
Received May 14th 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013


facebook page 

Clapton’s Fool started life as an SG. For many years, some speculated it was a ’61 SG/Les Paul, but the proper view came to be that it is a ’64. A primary bit of evidence is the pickguard, which has six screws as the later years’ pickguards do, rather than the earlier five screws, as was standard on the ’61 SG/Les Paul. In addition, it has patent-number pickups, not the earlier “Patent Applied For” pickups Gibson ceased using circa 1962. The guitar was purportedly originally owned by Beatle George Harrison, who gave it to Clapton circa ’65, after Clapton’s ’59 Standard that he had been using in Cream was stolen. 

In ’66, Cream was making plans to go to the United States the following year – 1967 – the year of “the Summer of Love.” Murray the K, the WOR-FM disk jockey in New York, was organizing a week-long, never-to-be-seen-again, all-stars/all-hits revue. Cream knew its debut had to have maximum impact on their new American audiences, so they enlisted the help of a pair of then-obscure Dutch designers who later became an art group known as The Fool, who were to play an important role, in rock and roll, and more broadly, in the psychedelic culture of the late ’60s.

Video of Clapton describing the Gibson SG 64 Eric playing The Fool with  The Fool Collective artwork:

The Fool began with two members, but eventually grew into a collective; its core members were Simon (a.k.a. Seemon) Posthuma, Marijke Koger, and eventually, Josje Leeger, Koger’s art-school friend. Others, particularly photographer Karl Ferris and Barry Finch, were also associated with the group. Posthuma and Koger, who met circa 1961 and a few years later began participating an “alternative” Amsterdam boutique called Trend, were living on the island of Ibiza (off the coast of Spain) before relocating to London in early ’66 with a grant from the Von Pallandt Foundation.

Eric loaned the Guitar to "Jackie Lomax" a songwriter known mostly for the song he wrote for Eric Burdon of  "The Animals". The song  was covered by another great group "Grand Funk Railroad"  Grand Funk had the hit with it 10 years later "Inside Lookin' Out". I'm not sure just how long Jackie had the guitar in his possession but in 1972 he SOLD the guitar to "Todd Rundgren"  for an undisclosed sum of money. ( Eric never gave him the guitar he just loaned it to him).

Todd has had the guitar for more than 28 years.  He has used it on a lot of studio tracks.  Todd finally did sell it to an undisclosed collector.

Today, the original guitar is in possession of an undisclosed collector, nowhere to be seen. It's still a beauty and a solid example of the artworks that flourished during the Sixties:


  images by Karl Ferris circa 1967