Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The NEW YORK TIME exposes an alleged PETER MAX troublesome scheme.

And this is the reason why I did not actively continued with this web Site. I had a personal experience of fraud and deceit, that I could not make public. But now, The NEW YORK TIMES has exposed it.

Eddy Gugliotta
May 28th, 2019


Saturday, March 31, 2018


and other mutations from the great American Master

Image by Ed Gugliotta, July 1972, New York Studio  

This site is dedicated to Pop art and Neo-expressionism, especially heavy on Peter Max "nostalgia" art. Here you will find plenty information on this  living American Art Icon, plus rare objects, books, posters, magazines, original serigraphs and unique items  very difficult to find. It's for my personal entertainment and for  visitors who enjoy Pop art. Welcome!

Buy American art from reliable sources and demand your original certificates and Provenance from certified galleries, especially in case of acquiring original canvases. We purchase pre-1980 PETER MAX serigraphs and lithographs.


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Friday, February 2, 2018


It is so sad to hear of Peter's frail health, it probably did start a few years ago. I did see him last time a couple of years ago in a Gallery in Boca Raton, and he had some kind of nurse right next to him at all time. Max is 80, and most probably, not working actively any more.

Source (nydailynews.com)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

PETER's homage to Tom Petty

October 3, 2017, Tom Petty cease to exist on Earth. One of the great Rock performers of all time, from Gainsville, Florida.

This is a Homage from the PETER MAX's Studio:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The MAX COLLECTOR has been online since 2010. We own perhaps the most comprehensive collection of Memorabilia and Art made by either Peter Max or authorized companies, while we also have found some independent homages to this great Sixties POP and MODERNIST American Artist.

Ed Gugliotta, curator and independent collector had the opportunity to interview Peter in the early Seventies at his New York Studio, where these pictures were taken:

In 2010, Peter came to the opening of his Authorized Gallery in Coconut Grove, South Miami, named MAX ON THE GROVE, where Ed and his wife, designer Marzia G.,  again met Peter personally and acquired a 40 x 40 canvas of the Liberty Head:

Since then, Ed started his quest to obtain as many collectible items as possible, and today, the collection has over 400 items among artwork and memorabilia of all kind. this is perhaps one of the most rare and unique items, a letter from Max to Mr. Jerry Ford, owner of the FORD Model company of New York.

There are many other uncommon and bizarre objects such as photos, clothing, watches, sunglasses, miniatures, stamps, coins, etc... even a Cardboard Chess Game! Most of them exhibited in the Web since 2010.

Thanks for visiting us.

Ed Gugliotta

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

PETER MAX first marriage with Elizabeth (Liz) Nance

Part of our Historic researches on the Pop artist PETER MAX.

Little is know about Peter's first marriage, even if his two children were the result fro
 this union.
We happened to obtain a set of 6 x 6 cm contacts which could probably contain both Peter and Mrs. Liz. Our online research did not produce a single image of this 1969 to 1976 period reflecting this relationship, and nothing could be found on her, except perhaps a North Carolina obituary with the same name.

Elizabeth Ann Nance (m. 1963, one son, one daughter) Son: Adam Cosmo (b. 1964) Daughter: Libra Astro (b. 1966). Divorced 1976.

Quote from an online source: "We had millions of dollars coming in, but millions going out, too," says Max, who found after the dissolution of his business that he was $500,000 in debt. He has since paid off the creditors by selling his paintings. His marriage to Liz Nance, a former North Carolina beauty queen and mother of his two children, Adam Cosmo, 12, and Libra Astro, 9, has not escaped change either. The Maxes are still married but increasingly independent. Max lives in his two-story studio and Liz lives nearby. His current muse is Ford model Roseanne Vela, inspiration for many of Max's current paintings. 

Peter second marriage - MARY BALDWIN. Circa 1999.
 Quote from CHICAGO SCENE, Molly Woulfe July 17, 2009:
" PETER MAX favorite topic, endearingly, is his Muse -- wife Mary Max. "She's so stunning," he sighed, sounding 17 instead of 71. How'd they meet? Max exited his New York studio one day about a decade ago and spotted one Mary Baldwin chatting with friends on the sidewalk. She was no stranger: he'd doodled her exact profile for years. Max rushed into his studio, returned with a drawing and handed it to the stranger, blurting, "I've been drawing you all my life." His crush was politely unimpressed. "Her friends said to her, 'That's Peter Max!' And she said, `Who?'" He gave her his number, fretted until she called, then coaxed her to go to lunch. And that was that.
"I remember reaching over the table, kind of clumsy, and putting my palms on each side of her face and saying, 'I'll take care of you for the rest of your life,'" he said. "And she put her hands on my hands and said, `You're in good hands with me.'" They married the next year. Actually, Peter allegedly has some health issues and there has been a family financial quarrel between Mrs. Mary Max and her step-sons, reportedly related to their Estate and assets.

This set of  6 x 6 cms contacts could be one of the few or perhaps the only image available online of Peter with Mrs. Nance, other intimate stories also contained Rosie Vela, a super-Model that also shared some time with Peter The date seems to be physically appropriate. The images could have been a private reunion of friends and family either at Peter's home or elsewhere.

We hope someone can come up with additional information and images of this first Peter's marital relationship in order to have more historic data. Probably, Mrs and Mr. Max Jr. can clarify this unknown info.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

THE 8 X 10 MIXED MEDIA collection

8 x 10 Mixed Media papers
from different sources.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

MORE Collectibles from the NORWEGIAN BREAKWAY

This is very difficult to find, yet, here it is:

The Official book of the first trips of the NORWEGIAN BREAKWAY, with Max's hull.



Saturday, January 16, 2016


I managed to obtain all the 10 cards from the NFL 1997 PETER MAX special artwork, plus the uncommon SUPER BOWL XXX poster (signed and dedicated), and I assembled all into one huge framed piece. I did the same a few months ago with the Baseball series. I am pretty sure these sets are unique in the whole world.

  1997 Baseball super stars

SUPER BOWL XXX (1996) and Super stars 1997 NFL

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I am very convinced that this mini collection of Norwegian Cruiselines BreakAway ship memorabilia, is the only one in the world besides the Cruise company and the Peter Max Studio. Invaluable!

 The Pre-Inauguration Renderings Brochure 2012.

 The official Inaugural Book 2013

 The Inaugural 2013 lapel Pin

 The Great Neck N.Y. stamp booklet with the BreakAway  launch

 The Official BreakAway Peter Max Poster (and close ups)

 Advertising poster for the BreakAway y GetAway

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Originally posted on 2010 

I've neglected this site for a bit, I was upset as a result of a Forgery felony whereas  I (and many others)  was a victim, as a result, it happens that my Canvas collection was forged by a Peter Max official store owner. The case was investigated by the FBI Art department, the culprit found guilty and now is spending some time behind bars along with 2 accomplices. I am waiting for some retribution, but not overly excited of obtaining it since the perpetrator allegedly has also more raps with the law. Unfortunately, the PETER MAX studio was not highly cooperative with me, and I spent a fortune in attorney's fees to obtain some positive results, even if only moral. 

Still, I admire the old PETER MAX, the great Pop Artist of the Sixties and Seventies, and the one that created American images that will remain for years to come. But for me, whatever emanates from the studio after 2010, is not as valuable or important as all the other pieces his studio and himself participated, even the Lithograph, serigraphs, licensed items and signed poster are more valuable because they have the true spirit of the man not only the Dollar Sign.

Having said that, I believe The Max Collector has the biggest and most varied collection of collectibles and Memorabilia of Peter and I will care for it,  increase it and leave it as a family legacy so that my grand-children will be able to open a PETER MAX unique pieces museum. After all, regardless of what the Studio is doing now for profit, he is one (along with Robert Indiana) of the few living Pop Artist of that golden era of Americana.

Ed Gugliotta

     June 1972, I was 22 years old and visiting New York, Mr. Max was already pretty famous, especially after his LOVE and COSMIC RUNNER collections and thousand of fantastic posters that decorated more than one home and office wall. I was a pseudo-hippie who admired his work and even tried to copy his ideas in my aficionado drawings, so I decided that I had to meet him, not an easy task for a youngster from Italy living in South America. I moved some contacts in the magazine industry in my home city, and voila!, I got the assignment as the graphic reporter for a low budget magazine  (I was an amateur Photographer by then). I took all my money savings and planned a trip to New York with a close friend. Once there, I made some phone calls, which were promptly replied and to my surprise and rejoice, next day after my arrival to the Big Apple,  I found myself in his downtown NY three floors studio, sitting down in his private office and chit-chatting with him about I cannot remember what, but surely related to some cosmic world or the beauty of Karmic aura. 

(image i took on July 1972  enhanced with Photoshop and signed by PM in Miami, on May 2010)

     He was lying down comfortably under the protection of a RUNNER IN RED. 35 years of age on October 1972,   and yet his spirit was the quintessence of that revolutionary era that changed the world, he was so very cool and spiritual that I was marked by this for a long time. I had my Nikon F2 with the mandatory 105mm portrait lens and a pushed 800 ASA Kodak film for larger grain, but now in retrospective, I wish I had an Ektachrome slide film roll on it, so  I took some images, that I finally found after 38 long years. Funny thing? I never made this interview nor the images known until 2011.

(RUNNER IN RED done in 1969. The image I took  was in black and white, I copy-pasted it in color for a dramatic effect).

     For those who do not believe in destiny... here comes the good part of this story: I am having my usual morning coffee reading the Miami Herald, and to my surprise I read some kind of info-ad mentioning that Mr. Max would be present at a Meet and Greet event in  a Coconut Grove Gallery, so I decided it was only fair that I let Peter have copies of the old New York visit images as a gift.  I have no doubt that he is the last of the relevant POP artists around and he will be for a while since he has a healthy life and a peaceful attitude, so it would be a great honor for me to deliver my prints. I even intervened one of them with PS, and I added some very spiffy toned down colors.

     May 15th, 2010 Location: MAX AT THE GROVE, south Miami, time: 8:00 P.M.  My wife  and I arrive at the meet the artist  presentation of PM, and the tiny space was filled with his art, most of his work were represented there in one way or another, be it canvas, mixed media and acrylic, lithographs, or simple prints along with some objects such as a Mexican Fender Guitar, a 1994 World Cup soccer statuette, and Football helmets. It was quite crowded yet comfortable to roam around detailing the art pieces.

     Peter was sitting next to a table talking with other gentlemen, but I managed to catch his attention and had the chance to have a brief conversation and  hand him the New York images. He was startled, immediately passing them around to all his business associates and nearby friends, then very humbly asked me "Are these for me?". I was amazed, perhaps waiting some arrogant and detached remark, but I was pleased by giving him the two somewhat destroyed pictures, almost sure that his work force had many experts in retouching them, plus I included some additional personally reconstructed sets I made for him. He was so very gracious, gave me his personal card and told his assistant to remind him to have a souvenir sent to me to Miami. I had the audacity of asking him to sign one of the copies of the pictures I took, and he very graciously accepted. What a souvenir for my collection!

Oh, I cannot forget to add that we bought a huge 48 x 48 ins." Liberty Head" original  canvas that night, and he scribbled it with marker behind on the back.

Purchase only PETER MAX mixed media and canvases with the Artist present and request for his signature on the back of the piece. There are multiple forgeries even originated (Provenance) at galleries that once could have been validated by the MAX studio.

The Max Collector  -  images copyright of Ed Gugliotta

Monday, January 4, 2016

THE PETER MAX HUGE PROJECTS - Continental Airplane and Norwegian Ship

The Continental Airplane - year 2000

Max entered the new millennium with a Boeing 777-200ER super jet. He was commissioned by Continental Airlines to paint a “$160 million living canvas,” which was designated as the NYC Millennium plane.



On 12 May 2013 she headed to Bermuda to start her seven-day cruises.
She is 144,017 GT in size, and has capacity for 4,000 passengers, double occupancy.The ship has a total of 1,024 staterooms and 238 suites, designed by Priestmangoode and Tillberg Design.