Saturday, October 29, 2011



This unique soccer ball is all hand painted, and each
hexagon has a different motif. Signed by PETER 
in two hexagons and dated 1994. It comes with a custom made
acrylic display, original invoice invoice and The Max Collector COA
For sale $3.500.oo  PAYPAL

THE FIFA 1994 SOCER CUP official program

 The necktie in soft silk

The FIFA CUP poster, I have one signed and another plain

 Beautifull cachet envelope of the FIFA 94 cup

Large very colorful Tshirt. Original FIFA soccer cup promo

An original Advertisment for the MAX FIFA poster

EYEWEAR franchised by PETER MAX

I managed to get two sets of this same eye glasses frames form the 1971. I am now searching what company did them. They are nicely made all in metal and with the PM logo on one side.

Friday, October 28, 2011


This Harlequin Circus performer image is a signed Lithograph. From a series of 300, I believe no so easy to obtain. Circa 1976 and provided by The Circle Art firm.

This 1977 Flower Vase pertains to the the second seclusion phase of PETER MAX, whereas for many years, he decided to stop working and meditate and relax. It's my personal belief that this was one of the first releases of the FLOWER collections that eventually he also did on canvas and Mixed Media.

OTHER "FLOWERS" creations

Monday, October 24, 2011


   This very weird yet historic video reflects in a disorderly and disorganized manner, part of the life in the early Seventies. Directed by Ernest Pintoff, ,serves  if  "you wish to learn something of the vast American counterculture scene – in politics, the arts, and social movements – circa late 60s - early 70s. Though not the most complete, correct, or even coherent, you could do a lot worse than spending ninety minutes watching it, which functions as a serviceable overview of that turbulent though overly romanticized era".

PETER MAX participation is largely unknown, and probably rather forgotten by him and his entourage, but it lasted 31 seconds, and he said:

"It's an easy tool, put your parents down, put your establishment down, but to understand it and to know that it is only a membering layer of an illusion of billions of years, with the knowledge of understanding where the illusion is and we could with confidence join in and create... and do and just be part of it". 

In this Period of time, PETER was into the transcendental mood, also shown in the BUGS BUNNY and MICKEY cartoon of his Magazine N.1. Sorry Peter, I could not understand what you where trying to say.

Peter was 35 back then

    Mike Watt from Movie Outlaw described this movie as : " There’s actually not a lot to say about this haphazard, free-form movie made by a bunch of Yippies (representatives of the “Youth International Party”). It begins with a title card discussing how a pair of women more or less got the vapors from a live Richard Pryor stand-up routine, spurring them to write letters of protest against him for his frank and obscene language. The movie immediately cuts to a sick-looking Pryor riffing to the camera and wandering around a desolated basketball court. He isn’t doing routines, just babbling about whatever’s on his mind, looking like he’s either in desperate need of a fix or coming down from one hard. Intercut into these asides with Pryor are loosely related sketches and interviews with counterculture darlings like Paul Krassner and Al Goldstein, plus snippets of performance footage of Joan Baez and a bit of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous “bed in”. Interspersed throughout are clips from old movies, commercials and extended sequences examining America’s consumerism focusing on haircuts and hamburger consumption. There’s an almost-interesting back-and-forth between elderly WWII veterans and young scraggly protestors who discuss what the American Flag means to them. Marshall Efron illustrates the effectiveness of a “Yippie Helmet” against a policeman’s truncheon. And there are a handful of extended, sporadically funny sketches from the “Ace Trucking Company” comedy troupe featuring a young Fred Willard. Finally, Michael O’Donohue, the bad boy of Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon, narrates a panel of his famous “Phoebe Zeitgeist” comic strip, accompanied by live nude representations of panels". 

John and Yoko  and Richard Pryor (not in a particularly nice appearance)


 PRODUCED by Make Believe Tv.

It was just “produced in 1995 by Make Believe TV”  Shot on Beta, and unpublished, the res was 720 x 480, state of the art at the time.  The editing was digital, but the cameras for HD were not in use yet. Done as a demo piece for the reel.  
The soundtrack was created in post, based on what had been playing in the studio while peter was painting.

Perhaps one of the longest Youtube videos related to PETER MAX and with intimate confessions of his techniques, which is very uncommon. Psychedelic music everywhere, and a lot of color overlays providing the  Sixties ambient.


Make Believe TV LLC
When we MAKE TV, your audience will BELIEVE it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Gorgeous lithograph by PETER MAX that represent one of the best and original period of his career. Truly a great piece I managed to obtain. It has the CIRCLE FINE ART (founded in 1964)  seal on the left bottom side which guarantees the authenticity of the masterpiece.

THE WAVE Magazine featuring PETER MAX'S COVERS - 2 issues 2003


THE WAVE MAGAZINE, an entertainment and leisure magazine published by Wave Media Publications, editor-in-Chief, John Newlin , was based in San Jose , CALIFORNIA.

VP was Chris Rhoades, and COO, Peter Brafford.

Now extinct, this magazine published Volume 3,  issues N. 3. Jan 03 to Feb 12, 2003 and N.8. April 10 to 23, 2003.

The credit inside N.3 said:

"Gracing this volume 3, issue 3 cover is an original piece straight from the brush...".

While N. 8 said:

"Adorning this issue's cover for the second time is an a piece straight from the brush/mind of legendary artist PETER MAX...". NOTE: it's a fender Strat intervened for the 1993 Grammy's award

A description of the magazine on mentioned:

The Wave Magazine is a fortnightly entertainment and lifestyle publication, covering local events, dining, art, music, nightlife, style, family and community, health and beauty, sports, and anything else happening in our beloved Silicon Valley. In addition, the magazine is a fundamental resource for anyone looking for activities to do within their communities, ranging from shopping and salon services to fine dining and theatre. The Wave Magazine serves as a dual-purpose publication. Not only do we aim to entertain readers and keep them informed of the activity within their communities, but we also aspire to act as the liaison between businesses and their customers. By marketing local businesses, working with them, and writing about them, we acquaint readers with their neighborhood retailers in a fresh, entertaining fashion, thereby making the first introduction and delivering customers through business doors. Our mission as a company is simple. We aim to: - Build a strong connection and relationship between readers and local businesses. - Inform, entertain, engage, and maintain a strong readership and relationship with our Silicon Valley community. - Bring our readers to the door of our advertisers to both purchase goods and services and to support their local Silicon Valley businesses. - Continually evolve to reflect the interests of both our readers and our growing family of advertisers.

Friday, October 21, 2011


PETER MAX IN CLAYTON,0,3259365.story

The return to Clayton is quite meaningful to Max, whose first St. Louis exhibition was held more than ten years ago.
Those who connected with him then or added his works to their private collections can view and obtain his latest work or look for a classic they may have previously let pass. 
With paintings on exhibition in hundreds of museums and galleries worldwide, Peter Max and his vibrant colors and unmistakable, whimsical style have become part of the fabric of contemporary culture.
Max has been successively called a Pop Icon, Neo Fauvist, Abstract Expressionist and the United States` "Painter Laureate."
The artist has had the distinct honor of painting the last seven Presidents of the United States and the world's best loved celebrities, among them the young sensation Taylor Swift and legend in his own right, Steven Tyler.
The exhibit at Ober Anderson Gallery features a painted St. Louis Rams helmet and St. Louis Cardinals batting helmet.
Recently he had the honor of creating the design of the "T" Logo for the New York Times Sunday Magazine Section and has created hundreds of magazine covers including Time, Newsweek, and People Magazine.
Visit or call             314-727-1345       for more information.
What: 'Colors of a Better World,' a Peter Max art exhibit
When: Through Oct. 23, meet the artist receptions 7 - 10 p.m. Oct. 21; noon - 3 p.m. Oct. 22
Where: Ober Anderson Gallery, 14 North Meramec
Cost: Free and open to the public

KPRL-TV  OCtober 20th ,2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Peter, It's your 74th birthday, and may it be just one  of a series of many, many more!. I am hopeful this will be an important year of changes where you will come up with new, completely different images, and perhaps decrease the production a bit so that all the great pieces you've provided the world throughout your illustrious career, will have the importance of "MASTERPIECES" and not what many dealers and collectors suggest as being "a mass market commodity".

This could be the starting line of a new re-invented PETER MAX that will deliver another 20 years of greatness and visual pleasure for all of us fans of your work and history.

Hare Rama...

Ed Gugliotta
The Max Collector.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I am a musician since 1965, still play some Blues and Jazz with my old friend's band. Once in a very brief video of CBS (I believe), I saw Peter working at his studio, and listening to some very cool progressive Jazz. Obviously, I did my research, and found out that he did the ARTWORK for the 2005 YELLOW JACKETS CD, and guys, the music is so cool and so professional... Max has good taste also in music.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I lost a brother, a cousin, my best friend... inspiration, hope!

OCTOBER 5th, 2011, a day to remember forever.


I'll miss you, bro!

Ed Gugliotta,
User since 1977

Saturday, October 1, 2011


PETER MAX and CBS have a symbiotic relationship, to the point that in 2003, Peter designed the 75 years anniversary of that TV station.

In this collage I attach, you will find PETER in 4 different presentations:

Patriotic/Flag 2008
Martin Luther King anniversary 2008
Barack Obama inauguration 2009
Hearts for Valentine's day 2009

I have not found any other TV appearances by PM.