Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This singular stamp cachet included a very rare N. 212/2000 coin. made of .999 silver and coated with 24K gold.

The size is aprox. the one of a Quarter, perhaps a little thicker. Its stamped Spokane, WA, April 18th, 1974 and created for the PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT campaign. Already 36 years ago Peter Max was promoting the care of the environment. Max signed each one of the 2000 envelopes, and I was in doubt if the signature was authentic, so I went today December 11th 2010, to the Wentworth Gallery in Fort Lauderdale where PM was having a meet and greet, and he gave me his blessing , literally!It is his signature and he remembered the item.

The back is a COA by a Martin Clark, Director of the Medalist Cover Society, certifying that "no more that the 2000 units will be made"


THE ART OF PETER MAX, published in 2002.

This is the Official PETER MAX BOOK, by Charles A. Riley II, it is sold in most of the book retailers, but obviously what makes this so very different is the unique art work Peter hand scribbled on the inside. I've seen many of the girls face he draws with a Sharpie that always carries with him, but this one is particularly nice.
          The book has a very complete historic content of PETER MAX since the beginning, including bio and seldom seen images of works he has done, I was particularly amazed with the one in pages 32 & 33, where a conservative MAX paints an old man and a cowboy in a completely different style as we know him. He is proud of these works

I also find an insert a complete collection of STATUES OF LIBERTY, both full body an only head. The quality of the images is fantastic and the content very enlightening. Don't miss the already institutional LOVE image and the  final Chronological table to 2002. 
I am sure there will be some kind of update sooner than later.

Monday, June 20, 2011

JIMI and MAX 2011

from DC9 ( at night (Dallas Observer)

"I was renting a house in Woodstock," Max recalled, "and when we moved in, my little daughter found this old washed-out denim jacket. She was about four years old and she loved it, but it was so big on her that it would just drag on the floor like cape. One day, I am sitting on the porch -- and this is like three months into living there -- and some guy knocked on the screen door. It was Jimi Hendrix!"

Through conversing with Hendrix, the nature of the legendary guitarist's visit became clear: Hendrix had previously rented a room in the house from his manager, Michael Jeffrey, and had returned to claim an old denim jacket he was particularly fond of.

"Just as he said it, my little daughter comes walking by with the jacket dragging at her feet," Max said. "I said, 'Here is your jacket, please let me give it to you.' But he said no. The jacket was hers. She still has the jacket to this day."

That, he explained, is the 1960s magic he hopes his work can continue to bring to audiences today.

"You lived inside the magic," he said. "It was really great to live in Woodstock around all the musicians. You would walk down the street and see Bob Dylan and say, 'Hey Bobby! How ya doin'?' My whole early 20s were filled with rock stars."

 MY PERSONAL JIMI - Ed Gugliotta

 From a Black and white Internet image and Photoshop

Friday, June 17, 2011


This is a very special Litho, it's one of the proofs made for the Artist before releasing the final cut. It was made in American Atelier paper, and the final series was of 300 copies. Asking price around 2.500$. and the date was researched in Internet where some galleries have the actual series.


Hand-written description, seems like Peter Max handwriting.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


A very special visit to PETER MAX studio in 1972

June 1972, I was 22 years old and visiting New York, Mr. Max was already pretty famous, especially after his LOVE and COSMIC RUNNER collections. I was a pseudo-hippie who admired his work and even tried to put his ideas in my rudimentary drawings, so I decided that I had to meet him, not an easy task for a youngster from Italy living in South America. I moved some contacts in the magazine industry in my home city, and voila!, I got the assignment as the graphic reporter for a magazine  (I was an amateur Photographer) .To my surprise and rejoice, next day I found myself in his down town NY three floors studio, sitting down in his private office chit-chatting with him about I cannot remember what. (image enhanced with Photoshop and signed by PM in May 2010)

     He was lying down comfortably under the protection of RUNNER IN RED (done in 1969. The image was in black and white, I over pasted it in color for a dramatic effect).

MAX under the "Runner in Red"
page 9 of the Art of Peter Max Riley II book

     He was then 35 and yet his spirit was the quintessence of that revolutionary era that changed the world, he was so very cool and spiritual that I was marked by him for a long time. I had my Nikon F2 with the mandatory 105mm portrait lens and a pushed 800 ASA Kodak film for larger grain (unfortunately, since MAX is all about colors!) and I took some images, that I finally found after 38 long years, the bad thing: I could never publish this interview.

     For those who do not believe in destiny... here comes the good part of this story: I am having my usual morning coffee reading the Miami Herald, and to my surprise I read some kind of info-ad mentioning that Mr. Max will be present at a Coconut Grove Gallery (South Miami) , so I decided it was only fair that I gave him copies of the New York visit images as a gift.  Today, I have no doubt that he is the last of the relevant POP artists around and he will be for a while since he has a healthy life and a peaceful attitude.

     May 15th, 2010 Location: MAX AT THE GROVE, south Miami, time: 8:00 P.M.  My wife  and I arrive at the meet the artist  presentation of PM, and the tiny space was filled with his art, most of his work were represented there in one way or another, be it canvas, mixed media and acrylic, lithos or prints along with some objects such as a Mexican Fender Guitar, a 1994 World Cup soccer statuette, and Football helmets. It was quite crowded yet comfortable to roam around detailing the art pieces.

     PM. was sitting next to a table talking with other gentlemen, but I managed to catch his attention and had the chance to hand him the New York images. He was startled, immediately passing them around all his business associates and nearby friends, then very humbly asked me "Are these for me?". I was amazed, perhaps waiting some arrogant and detached remark, but I was pleased by giving him the two somewhat destroyed picture, almost sure that his work force has many experts in retouching them, plus I included some additional personally PhotoShopped reconstructions I made for him. He was so very gracious, gave me his personal card and told his assistant to remind him to have a souvenir sent to me to Miami. I had the audacity of asking him to sign one of the copies of the pictures I took, and he very graciously accepted. What a souvenir for my collection!

September 6th, 2010 - I was updating the website and I realized this uncommon fact of Peter Max's life, his personal AAA.

: His first real passion that finally remained as a hobby when he decided to go for Art
ART: His way of life, creativity, expression and cash cow
ANIMALS: When he married his wife Mary and has been sponsoring all the wonderful animal protection Foundations

He's not only and Art Icon, he's a sensible human being.


     I recently had a private family event, and I had the idea of giving the couple an 11 x  17 Mixed media LIBERTY HEAD by Peter Max. It was a huge success! they simply love it and the piece was a conversation focal point all night. 

This one was part of my private collection of Mixed Media papers, framed in a shadow box. This measure is not so common and usually is obtained  for 1.800 to 2.500$

Thursday, June 9, 2011


As a collector, it's my interest to help promote PETER MAX's name and legacy, especially to the New Generations that otherwise might never find out about the exceptional characteristics of this AMERICAN ICON.

CHLOE was very smart and created her new collection based on PETER MAX concepts.

On her own words: "drafted and sewn by myself for my final project in my Design Analysis I class.  'm nearing the end of my time in school, getting a BA in Fashion Design and Georgia Southern University, I have an art history minor and I'm from Brunswick, Georgia.

"I love Peter Max! Which is why he was my main inspiration".


Circa 1981, series 40/165

Very uncommon beginning of the 80's decade, from the angel's themes

PINK ANGEL Litho 1978

SILKSCREEN on Fabiano Rosapina paper size 22 x 30
Signed in pencil HC XX (Hors commerce)

Signature and series number (also if you click on the number, there's
an embossed seal of the MAX studio.

Begining in the Sixties, PETER has been rendering vibrant cosmic landscapes and images
which have a triking visual parallels to the themes later used by the Beatles; Mind expansion,
intergalactic journeys and fabtastic cosmic landscapes containing colorful portraits
of imaginary actors.


Used by in extremelly good conditions, this ankle boots have all the
designs characteristic to the early Seventies, and to my surprise,
they were my size.... hello?


 Pretty soon, I will dedicate a whole complete post on this bizarre
series of serigraphs by Robert Clark - alias Indiana... he's a weird dude
but a great Sign Maker of that immensely  productive era of the Post War America.

INDIANA in 1964, I now call him the LOVE dude. Who does not have something
with this emblematic design? Perhaps PETER got his LOVE from this concept.


SAILING NEW WORLDS 180/300 series
circa 1975 lithograph

CIRCLE GALLERY embosses seal


Edition of 165 pieces, this one is HORS de COMMERCE, or a Non-Salable piece
that usually either the Artist or the Print Shop keep. Dated circa 1980. Sold to me by a very nice Baby Boomer couple out o California.


This beautiful 2010 canvas has all the colors and senses that Peter Max knows
how to get under my skin. Looking at it, you are transported to the scenario.
Year 2010, sized 20 x 24 plus conventional PM framing.

or what I call the JOKEONDAs

 dated 1993, is a small series of two, this one being 2/2

PETER MAX studio embossed seal next to the 2/2 number and 
the SOMA seal.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011


    Big misconception, Peter had nothing to do with the creation of the YELLOW SUBMARINE, and although the artwork might bare some resemblance to his "runners" and the cosmic worlds, Heinz Edelmann was the Art Director, Production design, Major Character Designer. The film was designed by this Czech artist and designer, who along with his American contemporary Milton Glaser, pioneered the psychedelic style that Max later employed in his work. It can be said that Max's 1960s work is an homage to the work of Edelmann and Glaser, though Max later developed a more original style of his own. 

    I am not so sure that this was the case, since Peter was only 2 years younger than Heinz and was already quite involved in the psychedelic art tendency, perhaps it's the contrary and Edelmann dig get some ideas from Peter.

    This is the COVER of the original YS vinyl dated 1969, and I manged to obtain it with PETER MAX's autograph 2010 on it. To me it's some kind of statement conveying "Ok, I did not do it, but I'm still here alive and well, and I am the living ICON of all that POP era".

    Dedicate for "Lou, love MAX, 2010"
    This very uncommon record was sold to me by the famous BEATLES historian, Perry Cox.
    Perry Cox is the author and co-author of eight editions of the official Beatles records and memorabilia reference/price guides since 1983, on his own words," my published works on the subject of Beatles collecting have become the standard reference throughout the world. I am recognized as one of the few leading authorities on the collecting of the Beatles as well as one of the world’s leading dealers in Beatles collectibles. I am also a major contributor to dozens of other publications, magazines, and books. I have gained respect worldwide for my knowledge and expertise in Beatles collectibles, as well as other major artists".

    This is the 2009 re-issue CD
    All tracks written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney except where noted.
     Image from the artwork

     THe Movie DVD

     Unique mini Acoustic guitar

    Wooden uncommon functional toy (made in Venezuela)

    A small advertisement poster of the YELLOW SUB dated 1969

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011


    This is the First POSTER book of 11 1/2 X 16 1/2 inches posters.
    it contains a compilation of greatest PM hits. 1970. Crown Publishers, Inc., NY.
    Large poster size paperbound book with psychedelic posters (see image on the right). 
    Many smart sellers in Ebay have torn apart all the pages and are selling them
    as individual posters. It's a difficult item to find.


    Crown, 1971. FIRST EDITION. Folio. Excellent near mint condition, laminated pictorial and illustrated wraps are bubbled as usual. Profusely illustrated and uncommon Peter Max book. Excellent condition, cover lamination bears a few wrinkles as usual with this rarity. Fantastic book profusely illustrated with reproductions of Peter Max's most exuberant posters. Contains many stunning full page posters and drawings by Max as well as numerous photographs from the 60s and 70s. 11 1/4" X 15 1/2" - 36 pages plus double-side pull fold out poster. Signed


    The back of the book was reproduced in the 2002 Riley III Hard Cover book,
    and my copy has an oversized insert with the MAX signature dated 71, curiously, in red ink.


    Of all uncommon items I have in my collection, this one is perhaps the 
    most valuable from the standpoint of history.
    According to the seller (anonymous), this letter was sent by PETER to JERRY
    FORD,owner and partner with Eileen FORD of the FORD MODELS
    in NEW YORK. The letter is dated 1983, in the middle of the period
    on which ROSIE VELA was working for the Agency.
    PM had a steady relationship for at least 9 years with ROSIE
    to the point that even Eileen believes that she was the inspiration
    for the small faces PETER always draws with the marker, and
    perhaps also the BLOSSSOM and the BLUSHING BEAUTY's series.
    PETER writes " Jerry, I found this", and designed a face
    in the bottom left side of the letter.

    This is the sample of one of the small Faces
    drawn in my original 1972 photo.

    Quote by Eileen FORD: “ Peter Max not only has an eye for beauty, he also has the
    mastery to capture a beautiful lady’s profile in a minimalistic style that is 
    reminiscent of Matisse and Picasso. Max’s profiles are as lovely as
    most beautiful models.”