Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Of all uncommon items I have in my collection, this one is perhaps the 
most valuable from the standpoint of history.
According to the seller (anonymous), this letter was sent by PETER to JERRY
FORD,owner and partner with Eileen FORD of the FORD MODELS
in NEW YORK. The letter is dated 1983, in the middle of the period
on which ROSIE VELA was working for the Agency.
PM had a steady relationship for at least 9 years with ROSIE
to the point that even Eileen believes that she was the inspiration
for the small faces PETER always draws with the marker, and
perhaps also the BLOSSSOM and the BLUSHING BEAUTY's series.
PETER writes " Jerry, I found this", and designed a face
in the bottom left side of the letter.

This is the sample of one of the small Faces
drawn in my original 1972 photo.

Quote by Eileen FORD: “ Peter Max not only has an eye for beauty, he also has the
mastery to capture a beautiful lady’s profile in a minimalistic style that is 
reminiscent of Matisse and Picasso. Max’s profiles are as lovely as
most beautiful models.”

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