Thursday, September 15, 2016

The MAX COLLECTOR has been online since 2010. We own perhaps the most comprehensive collection of Memorabilia and Art made by either Peter Max or authorized companies, while we also have found some independent homages to this great Sixties POP and MODERNIST American Artist.

Ed Gugliotta, curator and independent collector had the opportunity to interview Peter in the early Seventies at his New York Studio, where these pictures were taken:

In 2010, Peter came to the opening of his Authorized Gallery in Coconut Grove, South Miami, named MAX ON THE GROVE, where Ed and his wife, designer Marzia G.,  again met Peter personally and acquired a 40 x 40 canvas of the Liberty Head:

Since then, Ed started his quest to obtain as many collectible items as possible, and today, the collection has over 400 items among artwork and memorabilia of all kind. this is perhaps one of the most rare and unique items, a letter from Max to Mr. Jerry Ford, owner of the FORD Model company of New York.

There are many other uncommon and bizarre objects such as photos, clothing, watches, sunglasses, miniatures, stamps, coins, etc... even a Cardboard Chess Game! Most of them exhibited in the Web since 2010.

Thanks for visiting us.

Ed Gugliotta

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