Saturday, October 9, 2010


Preserve the environment campaign

This is a full original sheet of EXPO 74 MAX stamps
It also has an original face design and the signature made in 1974

WORLD FAIR 74 promo pack of half stamp sheet, a nice cachet
envelope and a flyer explaining the "Preserve the Environment"
story. It would safe to say it was the beginning of the green era.

 A framed selection of my favorite covers, one of them
bottom left corner, was signed by PETER.

First day of issue

Pin specially made of the EXPO 74 stamp.
Studio 25 perhaps has a set of stamps that recovers in
plastic and attaches a pin on the back. Size aprox 1 1/2 ins.

Postcard with the EXPO 74 stamp

 Used envelope from the first day of issue of the Expo 74 stamp,
it included a Preserve the Environment image.

Individual pairs  and full sheet of United Nations sheet of stamps 
distributed in 2002 duringan environmental
summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

UNITED NATIONS stamp collection 1997
It includes two sets of Peter Max artwork stamps,
shown in the image to the right
EARTH SUMMIT 1992 at Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
special collector's pocket
 Special Flag envelope April 2008 with a US flag forever stamp
Spokane 1974 stamp, first day of issue cachet.
Preserve the Environment theme

Angel with hear PM image with Love 1996 Love Stamp 

Very rare PETER MAX album of cachets & stamps
Unique black booklet with PM face engraved in gold!

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  1. WoW!! Thank you! For more Peter Max stamp pins, please visit the Etsy store "Designed by Studio 25" Big XO Eddy!