Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Very Special 1989  book by Black           -       1976  Homage to the Bicentenary
full of great images and signed           -            Images dedicate of USA history

Very rare book on Crochet. Dated 1972, no, Peter did not do the items, but he fantasticaly designed all the Artwork of the book. In different pages there are versions of his classics, such as the Cosmic Runner.


N. 1 The tiny LOVE book Swami 1970, with text by 
Swami Satchidananda and artwork by PM. Dedicated to 
Peter's wife and son

N. 2  The tiny  1970 THOUGHTS book, by the Swami and
Peter's artwork. Dedicated to the brothers and sister of
the Integral Yoga Institute

N. 3  The GOD booklet, esoteric influence with precious artwork of 1970

N.4  This is the MEDITATION booklet, one of four different books
in cooperation with the Swami. This copy is a valuable, it's
pencil signed by Max this year 2010

 Additional set of the 4 tiny books, GOD, LOVE, PEACE and THOUGH

RETROSPEKTIVE 1963  - 1993
Certainly one of the best books on PM amd very hard to find.
The quality of images is incredible and the content very different.

1969 TEEN CUISINE booklet, with Vegan recipes and
Sixties small artwork in many pages.

The Land of Blue, Yellow and the Red
three spectacular and rare books filled with unique
Peter's cosmic artwork and winged Runners.

featuring the Arthur Ashe stadium.

Park West and Peter Max collection.
They seem to have perhaps the most complete set of expensive PM art.
 this brochure/book contains images of many of the contemporary 
PM pieces. Very exclusive material.

2000 KENTUCKY DERBY program

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