Saturday, April 9, 2011


      A few days ago, I bumped into a Youtube video of this rare mural in Flint, Michigan. The concept was so interesting that I contacted Case Glass, and I wanted to post the spirit of the exact reply I received by Charlie Boike, one of the artists that did this superb Graffiti promoted to mural, and also son of Suellen J. Parker, owner of the company. Enjoy the text and watched the nice video Cahrlie and his buddies uploaded:

Dear Mr. (Max Collector),

      My name is Charles Boike, and I am the son of Suellen J. Parker of Case Island Glass. I am also one of the artists who completed the Peter Max mural. The mural is still up. It has become a local landmark where kids, families, and individuals can take head shots and photos using the mural as their backdrop.

Details of Production
The mural was commissioned by Case Island Glass (Suellen J.Parker) in late June of 2009. The first mural ideas included Andy Warhol's "Mohammad Ali" and "Jackie Kennedy", but Suellen picked Peter Max overall. The supplies cost $600, which bought five gallons of white primer, 80 cans of spray paint, gloves, towels, and a few other things. The mural was started on July 8 and finished on July 9. It was painted with in 48 hours by Kevin Burdick and myself. Kevin and I represent a modern art collective and production company called Deserving. While we where painting, people from the neighborhood would just stop and watch. ABC 12 news came on the scene and interviewed Kevin and I. They aired the interview a few times.

Credits to Include
Paid for by Case Island Glass
Picture is Gateway to the World by Peter Max  (my note: It's a LIBERTY HEAD)
Painted by Charles Boike and Kevin Burdick
Video shot, edited, and made by Charles Boike

Special Anecdote
When ABC 12 News came up and interviewed us we where super excited. We did not know how they heard about the mural. The camera man told us that some neighborhood lady called in to the station and was going off about how cool this mural was. She mentioned that the kids where painting it with spray paint and how positive it was for the community. I then called my mom to tell her about the news. She let me do my whole story and then she said, "Who do you think the neighborhood lady was?" I laughed and said it wasn't you was it? She said yes. I laughed again, and then Kevin and I said thanks for the media exposure.

PS: Thanks Charlie,  Eddy G.

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