Friday, April 22, 2011



     With this post,  I intend to clarify some questions that always lurk around my mind, and I am sharing them  with my visitors in order to obtain different points of view that might enlighten me.
  • How can a 74 year old artist from the Sixties, still generate so much business? Admirable.
  • Will his popularity increase, level or decrease when Baby Boomers fade away?
  • Will the next generations embrace his art?
  • Will he become another Warhol, Lichenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns,etc,?
  • When he retires, will his pieces of art maintain, decrease or increase its price considering  his current Marketing strategy?
  • Is a collector of his items not allocating funds wisely or is he hanging to a Depreciation proof asset?
  • Why is his website not at par of his name (this I cannot understand!).
  • With so many Peter Max original canvases and Mixed Media Papers, on the market, can this continuous production sustain the current  price range or will prices fall eventually as a result of the market natural flow of offer and demand?
  • Should the MAX studio consider decreasing it's production in order to preserve MAX's health  and maintain the prices?. 
  • Finally: Is MAX a Pop artist, neo-expressionist, Fauvist, or a mixed media artist himself? 
     A few days ago I read that when a client in a gallery was asked why was he buying a PETER MAX piece, the answer was very blunt yet uplifting: " because his colors make me happy". They have the same effect on me, hence, this could reduce it all to buying MAX just for personal pleasure and not as a business opportunity.

      I for one, opines that his series lithographs between 1970 through 1979 are the best period of his creativity and technique.

The Max Collector.

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