Sunday, March 11, 2012


Under the Title of WELCOME TO THE WORK OF LOVE, I found this amazing and very exclusive Blog posted yesterday.

It has a series of very initial Peter Max graphic works that I feel they should be seen by all collectors and followers of PETER.

The author, I believe is Adams Morioka. The text is the following:

"I was pulling together some postings from this blog yesterday for a book Steven Heller is writing. This led me to discover a predominance of posts about counter-culture in the 1960s. Who knew? I’m really square, so I found this odd. Nevertheless, I decided to avoid posts in this vein for a while. Then I found this Call for Entries for the New York Art Directors Club (now the Art Directors Club). Peter Max designed it in 1964. Yes, this is about counter-culture, specifically the psychedelic experience. The collage device refers to Victorian decoupage, Picasso, Matisse, and the Dada movement. The booklet could fall into the trap that much of today’s “collage” approach does, a mishigas of more mishigas.
The strict use of typography and tight composition, however, give it gravity and allows the imagery to take center stage. The spread with the Victorian people looking at the psychedelic cloud is remarkable. It is such a simple juxtaposition, but alludes to so many issues, including the Victorian taste for psychotropic drugs such as opium (see Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). Allusions aside, the composition is about wonder and different perspectives. So, you see, I had to post another one about counter-culture."

Among other images, these are my favorite, I believe all from the same period and obtained from the ART DIRECTOR CLUB, New York. Peter initiated his career as Illustrator and opened his first studio in 1962, and won a Society of Illustrators NYC award in 1964:

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