Thursday, December 29, 2011


Colorful poster dated 1989 from the "I love the World series"

This 1978 personalized and signed poster is a real beauty!
This design clearly shows that Peter Max is not a simple POP Art,
bright colors, flashy painter, but a sensitive artist that can easily
be compared to the classics.

Unique HEART poster signed i silver by both 
tennis player Agassi and Peter Max.
“Grand Slam for Children
A Concert for Tomorrow”
Sept. 30, 1995
MGM Grand Garden

Signed Patriotic Suite of posters dated 2001. Statue of liberty
and the flag , God Bless America and land of the Free  following the Sept 11 terrorist massacre.

RETROSPEKTIVE 63 - 93 Poster
Signed by MAX 1999

First EARTH SUMMIT 1992 Poster, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Three very different little Paper posters. Very simple yet elegant. Only good for decoration purposes.

BUTTERFLY MAN, 9 X 3 3/4" without the border
Matte cardboard, very elegant finish

The famous LOVE design with a very nice degradee background
I've seen many versions of this design, and this one is very unique.

THE RUNNING MAN, another one of PM POP manifestations

The CORCORAN collection of STATUE N.3 1981
Damaged a bit during shipping, the seller offered
to refund the payment, yet I decided to keep since 
its very soothing and different.
The printed signature I believe are embedded in
the printing, although the upper one looks very real.

small sample of very nicely made posters
extremely decorative

PETER at work on his posters.
This image from the archives of LIFE magazine 
first appeared on September 5, 1969.
Digitally printed on high gloss Premium Photographic 
Paper resulting in a unique silver pearlescent finish with stunning visual impact and depth that is suitable for museum or gallery display.

  LEWIS AND FLOORWAX Denver radio hosts 
More than rare, I would say this is a bizarre PM 
commissioned poster.

this is one of my favorite signed 1996 poster 
Max undoubtedly has been involved in all facets
of social life.


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