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     PINA DI COLA, illustrious West Coast photographer of celebrities and Self Image adviser, profiled on her website as: "(She) has spent the last twenty years exploring the depths and mystery of the human psyche and its emotions through many therapeutic processes. Lead by the desire to understand the issues of self-image that she was confronted with every day with her work which eventually allowed her to transform her life as well.
It wasn’t just phrases like “I’m not photogenic” or “I’m shy in front of the camera,” “My nose is too big” or “I’m too fat,” Etc. These sorts of self-image issues proved to be minor roadblocks for her work, but she found that as she started to engage her clients she was able to understand why they view themselves as they do.
Once her and her clients broke through this initial shell her work became much more personal and reflective of her clients true nature.
She was motivated by more than that. She was able to surround herself with beautiful and powerful people and was able to observe and interact with them while in a vulnerable state which allowed her to understand their personality and assess their self- i

She has given art expression to hundred of important personalities ( and on November 29th, 1991, Pina had the opportunity of conducting a "one on one" Photo Session with PETER MAX, and from this opportunity resulted images such as these I selected from my 35 MM slides collection.

     I share with Pina common Italian roots, and we have exchanged communications for a while, and  she was so gracious and understanding of my Collection, that a few days ago, she sent me a complete ORIGINAL exchange of communications and letters between her and PETER, along with a hand design original ARTWORK that he gave her as a token of gratitude for the excellent and professional work she did with the 1991 Photo shoot. And I am proud to share in this blog, these unrepeatable  historic reminiscences  of that moment :

 Peter's thank you letter, and Pina's own recount of the photo session event. Evidently, Peter was very satisfied and thankful with the results.

 Original sketch  sent to Pina in 1992

Reverse of the 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 Hand made colored sketch with the serial number and date



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