Thursday, February 16, 2012


Extremely rare PM Ice bucket. It has a man and a woman face, and the sunglasses move from one face to the other. Very funny and a conversation item. Year 1970.
From ETSY:"Rare mod plastic and metal ice bucket designed by Peter Max in 1970. Has two faces, one mustached male, one lippy female (reminds me of the Rolling Stones logo minus the tongue) the handle is a pair of purple plastic sunglasses that flips to either side and makes up the eyes on the faces. The "hair" on either side reads "Love You" in classic psychedelic Peter Max style font. Body is metal with plastic lid, handle, and lining. In good vintage condition, has some rust along the seams and some scratches. Interior is clean and unscratched".

                 The Neckties

This is a needlepoint work signed by PM in1973.
I am not sure who did it, but my best bet would be
 that a very nice fan of him in those years did it
 and he eventually signed it in a public presentation or in a gallery.
This is really a very rare piece, and I am sure perhaps not even
Peter himself has seen it before.

Two silkscreen printed T-shirts, pity they are both XL and I am a Medium,
not really! I would not wear them, but I got them just for the collection
I believe they started making them in 1994,
The one on the right is from the ZERO MEGALOPOLIS of 1989
And the LIBERTY HEAD is taken from an original canvas of 1992,
it has also written Baron Funds NYC, perhaps in Peter's handwriting.
Baron funds is a financial company.

Black T shirt with the American Flags theme, I guess, from 1991

Neo Max clothing  line 1988 long sleeves T shirt, 
Infinity Watchers.  I placed it in a frame with Acid Free 
acrylic protection.The tag is original.   Rigth side: HARD ROCK Cafe 1990 T shirt, It's really been used, but the print is acceptable

Set of 3 CERAMIC coffee mugs, Date unknown, but according to 
the artwork They should be from the Seventies


A small bottle of a PETER MAX scent from early Seventies
The aroma took me back to my teenager parties, the incense, the black light, the colors!
Good times.

IROQUOIS CHINA Inc, 1960 Love plate


  Very rare NEOMAX 1981 fleece pullover 

Small 8 X 6 ins, framed print of the LIBERTY HEAD
very simple and for basic decoration.
1960 GREEN SMILE Fabric Patch

AMEX GIFT card, one of three series
Will try to get the other 2!

Two AD Lib versions of PM artwork on a Plastic wallet
and a stone drink coaster - very rare and custom made
Fancy blow up pillow featuring the
WINGED RUNNER. I was surprised when 
I tried to inflate it and it worked!

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