Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A very unique object, made for PETER MAX in 1989 by Gemini Kaleidoscopes. Only 500 were made.

This 1000 pieces Jigsaw puzzle is based on the DIFFERENT DRUMER IMAGE. I have two, the other one is a 500 pieces LIBERTY HEAD that I will assemble and frame.

This Jigsaw puzzle contains 500 pieces and is based on the LIBERTY HEAD. It will be assembled and framed along with the cut original pieces of the box. The HEAD in the cover of the box is a very good print and can be used as a poster. Size 20 ins. made by CEACO Inc. Watertow MA.

BOX of six puzzles.The assembled size of each of  these vintage 126-piece mini puzzles
measures about 6.75 inches by 11

 LOVE small 100 pieces Jig Saw, I assembled it and included the box

set of 11 playing cards with an excellent quality and with the most popular of PM's  60s designs such as the LOVE, RUNNING MAN, COSMIC RUNNER, etc

Very old and rare LIFE sponsored 500 pieces
Jig Saw puzzle, the image is gorgeous.

 Another 100 pieces COSMIC image puzzle

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